Alfa 23

Design Versatility

Alpha 23 offers two different prole configurations, 26mm and 41mm depths are available, it is also possible to use both 41mm heads with 26mm abutments to ensure the door head continuity with the system profiles.

All doors are available with fanlight or at room height. Fully glazed or solid, doors are available with hinges, concealed closers and drop seals or offset pivots.

The aluminium door frame allows for access control cabling through the centre profile void.

Integration + Aesthetics

Abutment profiles are integrated with drywall crosswalls and glazed fins allow light penetration deep into the space. Profiles can be recessed to provided frame less integration. 41mm door heads integrate seamlessly with 41mm head profiles.

Clerestory glazing integrated with drywall cross walls and glazed fins provides solid acoustic performance whilst utilizing natural light.

Clean Aesthetic lines and minimal profiles allows maximum visual transparency and light penetration, clear bonded joints allow panel to panel connections that are virtually invisible and maintain structural integrity and acoustic seals. Ironmongrey may be coated to match profiles providing consistent finishes through out the partition design.

Mullion free glazing allows uninterrupted elevations, opening spaces through visual perception.


Visual transparency is achieved through restricting vertical profiles in elevations and using transparent glass to glass jointing methods.


Visual privacy without the loss of light is possible through the use of film manifestation or glass treatment. Alpha 23 provides excellent acoustic privacy for a single glazed system.

Tape or polycorbonate glass to glass joints provide uninterrupted glass sections free from mullions.

Solid doors provide aesthetic solutions whilst maintaining acoustic privacy through the use of concealed door closers and drop seals.

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